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  • Cynthia Trimble
    Owner/Sales Lady/Manager of All

    We hate to say most popular but Cynthia earns that right as she has been the original owner and Sales Woman for the over 19 years Cindora has been in operation.

    She is a wise one with all those years under her belt, she really knows how to help the people of the vehicle buying world! 

    She is beyond knowledgeable and friendly which is the Cindora Way and Cynthia carved us that path that we abide by today! Its obvious where her daughter Myranda Cook gets it from(see below, that's right!) We always respect Cynthias word because we all know that she probably knows. Let us show you the Cindora way and you will leave here apart of the family. 

  • Deb Olyschlager
    Owner/Controller/Buyer of All Inventory

    Im sure the list could go on, but Debbie here is what we like to refer as the behind the scenes Boss Lady. Debbie is one of two of Cindora's original owners and she is responsible for all our wide variety of affordable inventory here at Cindora Auto.

    She is occasionally spotted on location but is typically out doing Boss Lady things, like finding the best of the best deals to pass on to our fellow community members. 

  • Myranda Cook
    Always here to help YOU

    If your phone call was greeted by a cheerful, bubbly voice, It was probably Myranda..If her saying "Myranda speaking" wasn't enough to tell already. 

    She is one of our sales experts and is here when you need any sort of assistance. She will get you set up to view or drive any vehicle on our lot and able to answer all your vehicle buying questions. Trust us when we say this girl knows cars!

  • Travis Dick
    Here to help YOU, especially in all finance related matters

    Our best and most favorited finance guy! Technically our one and only beloved finance expert, but that's beside the point. 

    Travis is the man you want for all your buying and finance guidance. He has been with us for more than 2 years and is proving to be beyond excellent at getting you in the driver seat of the vehicle you want! Offering a wide variety of finance options for you, that most importantly work for you. 

  • Shannon McConnell
    Responsible for making Used look oh so New

    Shannon started here at Cindora around 3 years ago as our full time detailer. Then things went bitter, but very sweet when she left to focus on being a mom. After a long hard year without her we are happy to finally say SHANNONS BACK!

    She is excellent at what she does and can make even the roughest of diamonds shine forever like new. With our tough antibacterial and delicate waxing process we park our vehicles with confidence knowing they have all been reconditioned by Shannon.  

  • Josh Lerno
    Licensed Technician

    Josh has been here with us for over 2 years and he is a real magic man. He ensures all our vehicles are road ready and ready for you! He is certified to do it all and signs the safety certificate himself so you know it has been carefully inspected and fixed accordingly.

    You can trust when Josh has gone over a vehicle it is a fully functional automobile and ready to hit the roads.

  • Dyllon Gregoio
    Licensed Technician

    Our newest Technician Dyllon, he has been a top technician and we are thrilled to add him on our Cindora team!